Mamadou Diakhaté

Curriculum vitae / Exhibitions

1938     born in Tevaouane/Senegal
1956     started painting
1959     began study at the “Ecole des Beaux Arts” in Marseille
1960     Study at the “Association Philotechnique” in Paris
1962     the task of painting was previously with the paintbrush. As from then on: he applies the paints with his fingers
1963 - 1964  travelled to Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Netherland and through North Africa
1965     returned to Dakar/Senegal, to participate at the first “Festival Des Arts Nigres"
1968     migrated to Europe, at first to Switzerland
1972     moved over to Germany
1976 - 1982  Assistant director of the German Association for African Culturs “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Afrikanisch Kultur e.V.” in Bonn
1982     European Medal in gold for Art and Cultere from the European Circle in Baden-Baden
1999 - 2000 President de l’Onel en Allemagne
2002     decorated as KNIGHT of the Order of ARTS AND LITERATURE in Dakar/Senegal
2012     Awarded the highest civilian medal in Senegal “CHEVALIER  DE  L’ORDRE NATIONAL DU LION” for his social contribution            to Senegal
2014     Hommage-Exhibition with the BIENNALE  DAK’ART 2014

Social Activity

1999 - 2001 Building construction with expansion for canteen for a Primary School in Ndemene in Senegal; at the moment with a capacity             of 350 pupils with the help of my German friend Gert Ahlborn

2011     Mamadou build a hospital at NDemene

Exhibitions since 1960

Africa - Senegal (e.g. Bienale DAK’ART) Gambia, Ivory Coast and Tunesia

America - USA

Asia - Turkey and Dubai

Europe - France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Hungary and Sweden


Entrance of the birth-house given by Elisabeth Flambert-Neumann

On the left hand is the birth-house and on the right you find the hospital with the apartment of the doctor on top